Chapter 1: A Frozen FarewellEdit

"This lovely island filled with a forest, mountain, lake, caves. This will be the setting for thwe ultimate battle, between camps and fanficitons. Members from two wikias shall compete here to determine which is the best. 26 Users! 2 Wikias! 1 User Island!" Xros says.

Xros stands at the island's dock, when a boat arrives. Out from the boat walks a person. "Hey! TJ!" Xros says.

"This place isn't that bad." TJ responds, "I kinda like it."

"That's great. Anyways go stand over there." Xros says. TJ keeps on walking and another boat arrives. "Is that you Duke?" Xros asks.

"Yeah." Duke replies.

"Great." Xros says as Duke  walks over to where TJ is.  Another boat arrives, this time the person on it walks out. "Hey Avery." Xros says.

"Oh hey, Xros." Avery says.

Avery's Confessional

"I hope everyone likes me because I don't wanna be the first one out." Avery says.

Another boat can be seen in the distance. "I wonder who it'll be?" TJ asks.

"We're about to find out TJ." Avery responds. The boat arrives and the passenger walks to where everyone is. "Well if it isn't Zac." Xros says.

"Um, hi." Zac says after hesitating a bit.

Zac's Confessional

"I don't know what to say." Zac says, "I mean nothing is going on really."

"Great! Move along." Xros says. Zac then walks over to the rest. Another boat arrives, and a young female walks out. "Hey." She says.

"Lily! Great to see ya!" Xros exclaims.

"Wow you're being nice." Lily states.

"I'm the host." Xros says, "Even if I didn't want to I'd still have to be nice."

"Oh." Lily says.

TJ's confessional

"What Xros did back there seemed a bit mean." TJ says.

"What about me?" Someone says.

"Sorry, Race." Xros says.

"You better believe it!" Race replies. Another boat arrives at the dock. "Hello Space." Xros says.

"Hey." Space says.

Space's Confessional

"Is it just me or does Avery seem a bit different." Space asks.

"Um, hey guys." Space says to the rest.

"Hey." Duke says. Another boat arrives at the dock, out comes someone everyone is familiar with. "Reddy!" Everyone says.

"Hey. Xros. TJ. Duke. Zac. Lily is it? Race. Space." Reddy says.

"What about me?" Avery asks.

"And you are?" Reddy asks sarcastically.

"Fine! You think you're better just cause people care about what you do!" Avery shouts.

"You're being childish!" Reddy yells.

"Calm down, Avery." Duke says.

"Shh! Let them solve their own conflicts." Xros tells Duke.

Avery's Confessional

"They just don't understand." Avery says.

Reddy's Confessional

"What is Avery's problem?" Reddy says.

Speeding to the island is another, boat. When the boat leaves on the dock someone else is standing. "Hello Liam." Xros says.

"Hi Xros, its great to be here." Liam says. Behind Liam is another boat and out steps Dra. "Welcome to the island Dra!" Xros says.

"Ugh this whole thing is bland," Dra says, "I mean everywhere you go you hear abut a competition with users in it."

"That's enough Dra!" Xros shouts.

Dra's Confessional

"This competition is so unoriginal." Dra says.

Xros' Confessional

"Why did I even bring Dra here? I must have been sleepy and done it by accident." Xros states.

"Are you a hipster, Dra?" Race asks.

"Uh, no." Da responds, "Being hipster is too mainstream."

"That makes no sense." Reddy states.

"Let people be what they want to be!" Avery screams.

"Calm down, relax you're boh right." A guy from the next boat says.

"Maxwell, welcome to the island!" Xros says.

"Seriously Avery and Reddy this hasn't started and you're arguing!" Maxwell says.

Maxwell's Confessional

"What is up with those two?" Maxwell asks.

Another boat arrives. "Ladies and gents, Nalyd!" Xros introduces.

"Nalyd?" Asks Race.

"Yes, Nalyd!" Dra says.

"Hey." Nalyd says. Another boat arrives and out comes Bruno. "Bruno!" Xros says.

"Xros!" Bruno says.

"Welcome to the island." Xros says.

"Thanks." Bruno respondes. On another boat the rest of the contestants arrive while partying. "What are you doing!" Xros shouts.

"Partying!" Rex responds.

"Yeah having fun." Jordan adds.

"You were all supposed to come one boat at a time!" Xros shouts.

"Well we wanted to have fun." Mana says.

"Yeah nothing wrong with that." Lucky says.

"I allowed it." Leon says.

"WELL I'M THE HOST HERE YOU DO WHAT I SAY!!!" Xros yells at Leon, "NOW GET ONTO YOUR TEAM PLATFORMS!" Everyone ran to either of the two platforms. One the green platform Dra, Epic,  Avery, Space, Maxwell, Nalyd, Bruno, Zac Duke, Jordan, Reddy, Toad, and Mana were standing. And standing on the purple platform were Liam, Lucky, Rex, Lily, Derek, Leon, Russel, Trent, Blake, Orange, Tikki, TJ, and Race. "Okay teams Fabulous Fanfictions and team Courageous Camps. Its time for the first challenge! This challenge will be divided into 2 parts. The first part is here!" Xros says as he points to a giant pool with icey, below 0 degrees water, "In this pool there are colored boxes in your team colors that are held down with knotted ropes. Your challenge is to work as a team and untie the knots. First team to untie all 3 knots and bring me the box wins the first immunity challenge."

"Zac should dive in I mean he is canadian and its always freezing there." Duke says.

"What about you!" Avery shouts at Reddy.

"No! Its too cold." Reddy complains.

"Well if Reddy doesn't go then I'm not going since we diserve equal tretment!" Avery rages.

Reddy's Confessional

"What's Avery's problem? We are all treated equal." Reddy says, "JORDAN! BRING ME MORE TEA AND GET READY TO GIVE ME A FOOT MASSAGE!!! Yep equal treatment."

"I'm diving in!" Maxwell says.

"I'll go too." Dra says.

Maxwell's Confessional

"Maybe if I do good in challenges I won't be voted off." Maxwell comments.

"I'll dive" Rex declared.

"Me too." Russel says.

"I'll go!" Lily says. Once Zac, Maxwell, Dra, Rex, Russel and Lily were ready they all stood at the edge of the pool. "Are you all ready?" Xros says, "Go!" All 6 of them jump into the pool. "Ahh! Its freezing!" Lily shouts.

"It truly is." Russel says shivering. Rex and Zac swim to their corresponding team's box and try to unite the knots.

"Come on! You gotta do it!" Leon screams. Zac struggles with the first knot while Rex easily manages to untie the first knot but runs out of breath and goes to the top. Lily and Russel swim torwards their team's knots, and Maxwell is swiming down to the bottom and reaches the knots and helps Zac. Dra tries swimming down, to the bottom. Zac and Maxwell untie their team's first knot, and Lily struggles with her team's second knot. Dra the reaches the bottom and starts to untie his team's second knot. Both Dra and Lily then unite their team's respective knots, but run out of air and float back to the top. Rex and Zac are now the only ones under the water trying to untie their respective team's knot.Both are struggling to untie the knots and hold their breaths. Both of them start to shiver, and try to focus on the knot. "No! I'll win for us!" Russel shouts as he dives in and races for the camp's knots. He accelerates so much that he crashes into Rex and neither can hold their breathes and float to the top. Maxwell dives in and helps untie the knot. Both of them bring up the box to the top. "The Fanfics win!" Xros declares.

"Yes!" Mana says.

Leon's Confessional

"It's all Russel's fault! He should go home first." Leon says.

Rex's Confessional

"So close! Ugh, Russel!" Rex screams in anger.

Nalyd's Confessional

"Well that Russel messed up! At least now we're safe." Nalyd says.

"Ha! Its all thanks to Russel that we won!" Reddy says.

"Hey! You shouldn't make fun of someone!" Avery says.

"But who here is gonna say something?" Reddy asks as everyone sits in quiet.

Avery's Confessional

"Reddy is a jerk, yet no one does anything. They all just stand there and let 'em do it!" Avery says in a mad tone.

Jordan's Confessional

"I don't like Reddy he's such a bully!" Jordan says.

"WHERE'S MY MASSAGE?" Reddy screams at Jordan from outside of the confessional room.

It is now night time, and all of the house guests are in the living room of the big mansion. "So guys," Xros says, "it was an amazing first challenge."

"Sure I guess." TJ replies.

"Okay anyways time for elimination!" Xros announces, "Team Camps you'll take turns voting in the confessional room. Rex you're up first."

Rex's Confessional

"Russel, I mean really we would have won if you didn't have crashed into me." Rex says.

Lily's Confessional

"Um, I'm not sure of who I should vote for. There's Russel as he did cost us the challenge but there are worse people here." Lily says.

Leon's Confessional

"I could have won! I vote Russel." Leon says.

"The votes are in! First vote, Russel. Second vote Leon. Third vote Russel. Fourth vote, Race. Fifth vote, Rex. Sixth vote, Russel." Xros says, "3 votes Russel, 1 vote Leon, 1 vote Rex, and 1 vote Race."

"What!?!?!?" TJ exclaims.

"Did not see that." Maxwell says.

"Seventh vote, Leon. Eigth vote, Rex. Ninth vote, Russel. Tenth vote, Leon. Eleventh vote, Leon. Twelveth vote, Lily. And first person eliminated is...

...Russel!" Xros announces.

"Serves him right!" Reddy says.

"I agree." Leon says.

Toad's Confessional

"Well its all going downhill from here for everyone." Toad states.

Bruno's Confessional

"I wonder who's out next?" Bruno asks.

Everyone steps outside and watch as Russel leaves on a boat. "Wow! That was a shocking elimination." Xros says, "Looks like someone is being targeted. Who will be out next? Find out next time!"

Chapter 2Edit

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