Axis PowersEdit

  1. Italy
  2. Germany
  3. Japan
  4. Isabella (Female N. Italy)
  5. Monica (Female Germany)
  6. Sakura (Female Japan)
  7. Spain
  8. Romano

Soviet ReunionEdit

  1. Russia
  2. Latvia
  3. Hungary
  4. Belarus
  5. Ukraine
  6. Austria
  7. Lithuania
  8. Poland

American AlliesEdit

  1. America
  2. England
  3. France
  4. China
  5. Francine (Female France)
  6. Turkey
  7. Canada
  8. Greece


Chapter 1Edit

Teams are made. Teams have to build a fort.

Reward: Forts

Chapter 2Edit

Teams use forts from last challenge to use as bases as they try to take the other Team flags. team Axis Powers have barely a fort. Team Soviet Reunion win thanks to Austria's distracting Piano, and team American Allies lose.

Winners: Soviet Reunion

Eliminated: Turkey

Chapter 3Edit

Chapter 11Edit

Prussia, Estonia, Cuba, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Australia join game.

Chapter 12Edit

Chapter 1Edit

Part 1Edit

"I thought this was the location for the world meeting." Japan states.

"No, um you will be living here for a while." Korea says.

"As long as I have my VODKA I'll be o- Ahh! Belarus!" Russia says as he runs away.

"Why are we gonna leeve-?" America says as he stuffs his face with hamburgers.

"Marriage marriage marriage maiage." Belarus chants while she chases Russia.

"Germany! Help!" Italy screams.

"First you steal my brother and noe my Tomatoes!" Romano says pointing at Germany.

"What are you talking about?" Germany asks.

"You can have some of my tomates Romano." Spain says.

"Oh look at the mess you have made. I shall now express my annoyance through the piano." Austria says as he starts playing the piano.

"Russia! Here are some flowers for-" Ukraine says and turnsand runs away, "Oh no I'm not supposed to be near him."

"The 24 of you-" Korea says.

"24? I only see 23." Turkey says. And standing behind America is Canada. "Eh, I'm here." Canada softly says but no one hears him.

"Well um lets get started." Korea says.

Part 2Edit

"Well um you all are here to-" Korea says.

"Compete to be the ultimate supreme country!" Germany says.

"Um, sure lets go with that."  Korea nervously says.

"What are we gonna do then?" America asks.

"Considering you always have your mouth stuffed with that junk you called food, I'm surprized you were able to speak." England says.

"Haven't not eaten 2 hamburgers in the last hour." America responds.

"No! You say I have eaten just 2 hamburgers in the last hour." Germany corrects America.

"What are you some kind of grammer nazi?" England asks.

"Grr, if I hear one more Nazi joke I'll kill you!" Germany declares.

"Well I did Nazi that coming." Japan says.

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