In a mystical continent there were 8 lands each with its own power, the continent was filled with monsters so when a warrior came to unit the people and lead them to victory in the war against the creatures of the shadows he was crowned king. He then ruled over the country named Mystica, and to help protect the country one Magician from each land would help the king. 7 of the 8 magicians learned in secret the powers of the magic from the shadow realm thinking it would help the land, but it only made it worse. The 8th magician saw this and informed the king, the king saw those 7 as traitors and the 2nd war of shadows commenced. The king won and banished them known as the Shadow Magicians they swore to come back and gain control of Mystica. The 8 lands still as an alliance split themselves thinking it was for the best...


  • Characters may have something done to them as part of the storyline if this happens to you please follow along.
  • This is an RPG format.

There will be like in all RPGs Stats:


HP - Health Points, how much damage can be taken

MP - Magic Points, energy for skills and magic

ATK - Attack Power, the more damage you can deal

DEF - Deffense Power, the less damage you receive

Luck - Luck, % of how much you get from random occurences

EXP - Experience, hoe much experience you have (higher EXP = higher level)

Battle format:

One at a time Ex:


Player 1: *attacks Monster 1*

Player 2: *Uses Health Potion on player 1*

Monster 1 *attacks Player 1*



There are 3 basic classes

Paladin, Ranger, Mage

Paladins are powerful warriors they are strong and have good deffence

Rangers are skilled at long range attacks and in close combat prefer knives and daggers but they have a low def

Mages are skilled at magic both attacking and supporting magic but are voulnrable to Non-Magic attacks

Classes go further but that for later.


One per User (Name, Gender, Class, User)

  • Nathan, Male, Paladin, XrosHearts

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