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The Tree LoversEdit

  • Diana ~ The Self-Proclaimed Princess
  • Jasmine - The Nice Girl
  • Maria - The Bookworm 
  • Sam - The Tomboy
  • Leon ~ The Rude Brit
  • Ren ~ The Clumsy Hero
  • Luigi - The Actually Italian Guido

The New IslandersEdit

  • Amanda ~ The Canadian Fashionista
  • Angel ~ The She-Devil
  • Sharon ~ The Social Hottie
  • Rick ~ The Video Game fanboy
  • Thomas ~ The Rich Guy
  • Alexander - The Actor
  • Justin - The Regular Guy

Episode 1 ~ Let The Drama BeingEdit

Challenge: Balance Brawl

Winners: The New Islanders

Eliminated: Maria

Johnny introduced the 14 contestants as they arrived. Johnny Quickly split up the contestants into 2 teams, and gave them the chance to pick names, Maria decided to name their team the Tree Lovers while Justin suggested The New Islanders. For their challenge they had to stand on poles and try to knock each other off.The Tree Lovers shamefully lost the challenge, and when it came time to eliminate someone, they were stuck and decided to eliminate Ren because he did terrible in the challenge, but Luigi suggested that they should get rid of Maria as revenge for her naming the team the Tree Lovers. At elimination they all stuck to what Luigi said and Maria was the first eliminated.

Episode 2 ~ Super Johnny BrothersEdit

Challenge: Princess Rescue

Winners: Tree Lovers

Eliminated: Angel

Early in the morning while everyone is getting something to eat Diana and Angel wake up late and are the last and only ones in the showers. A masked man kidnaps both girls and runs away to the top of the waterfall, at the end of breakfast everyone is busy looking for their missing teammates, when Johnny appears and states that the first team to find their missing member wins the challenge. Everyone splits up and starts looking. Determined to make up for the last challenge Ren goes into the forest where no one else would go, and finds Rick searching their as well. After everyone finds the girls at the top at the waterfall everyone races to save them, while dodging barrels and explosions. Ren reaches the top and wins for his team. Angel freaks at Rick for not winning the challenge making her everyone's target at the elimination.

Episode 3 ~ Beach Time FunEdit

Challenge: Beach Hunters

Winners: Tree Lovers

Eliminated: Alexander

Johnny sends the contestants to search for stuff around the island to make the best beach party ever! Alexander doesn’t like Rick anymore so he deceives people into thinking that Rick is guilty of getting rid of all the stuff they collected. After Rick, Thomas, and Amanda go search for the missing items they find them in Alexander’s stuff, proving that Alexander framed Rick. The New Islanders lost so after Thomas, Rick, and Amanda show everyone what they found The team eliminated Alexander.

Episode 4 ~ The Show Must Never Go OnEdit

Challenge: Theater Mayhem

Winners: The New Islanders

Eliminated: Luigi

In an attempt to cure himself of his depression he bring in the contestants to preform for him. Each team has only 3 preformances they could do. First Leon starts making insults of everyone but he also makes fun of Johnny. Then Amanda and Sharon do this funny dance and song. Then Jasmine, Sam, and Diana act in a comedy sketch. Then Justin does stand up comedy. Finally Luigi shows his muscles off. Then Rick and Thomas bring video games to life. Johnny is amused by Rick and Thomas so they win. Everyone is mad at Luigi saying what he did was stupid.

Episode 5 ~ Key To ImmunityEdit

Challenge: Flag Bringers

Winners: The New Islanders

Eliminated: Sam, Justin

Chapter 1: Let The Drama BeginEdit

Someone walked on the dock. "Beautiful view right? I'm Johnny and I'll be the host." He said, "Anyways today I'll take 14 teens to spend some together on an island and there will be challenges and some of them will be voted off but in the end the last teen standing will in 10,000 Dollars! Lets get ready to meet the contestants." As he said that a boat stopped at the docks and out came a young, teenage girl. "Welcome to the island, Amanda!" Johnny said.

"Thanks." Responded Amanda. Amanda kept walking to the end of the dock. After she left, two boats arrived one with a guy who seems like he tans a lot and the other boat carried a guy with red hair, that as he walked towards Johnny and Amanda tripped and fell, Amanda, came and helped him up. “Ren! Luigi!” Johnny said.

“Um, thanks for helping me get up.” Ren told Amanda.

“No problem, I’m Amanda.” Amanda responded.

“Ren.” Ren said.

“Yeah, I pretty much guessed.” Amanda said. Then Luigi got in front of them. “Hey, yo! Enough about those two. How about looking at the situation that we got here.” Luigi, said pointing at himself.

“Um … yeah. Moving on!” Johnny said. Just then another boat arrived and out came a tough looking girl. “Sam!!!” Johnny said.

“Yeah.” Sam said and she kept walking. Behind her boat were two others. and out came a guy holding a little handheld device. “This game of Kingdom Hearts is so amazing!” He said.

“Rick! Leon!” Johnny said.

“Why the bloody hell are you so interested in that crap.” Leon said.

“Cause its fun, guess you wouldn’t know” Rick said.

“Why cause I’m bloody british?” Leon Asked.

“No! Cause your a snotty, spoiled brat!” Ren said.

“Looks like there’s already drama.” Johnny said. Then next pair of boats arrive and out came a black haired girl, and on the other boat comes out a girl reading a book. “These are the bunch of losers I have to compete with?” One girl asked.

“Wow Angel, calm down! I see Maria is here too.” Johnny said.

“No! What did you say?” Amanda asked.

“I’m saying I’ll have no trouble beating you fatty!” Angel said.

“Looks like we have a bit of drama going-” Johnny said being interrupted.

“Stay out of this!!!” Both Angel and Amanda said.

“Take this!” Amanda yelled as she ran to Angel and punched her.

“Oh.” Amanda said as she started, pulling Amanda’s hair out. Ren, and Rick help split up the girls. “Amanda! Don’t let her get to you. She just wants to make you look bad.” Ren told her.

“Yeah I guess.” Amanda said thankfully with her body intact. Three more boats come out each one carried a guy. "Thomas! Alexander! Justin!" Johnny said.

"Hey!" Justin said.

'Its nice to be here." Thomas said. Then the last three boats arrive and off from them come three girls. "Sharon! Jasmine! Diana!" Johnny said.

"You may now bow before me!" Diana said.

"Excuse me?" Angel asked in a mad tone.

"You are excused." Diana said.

"You're nobody to tell me what to do!"  Angel said.

"Now that everyone's here, let me introduce the teams! Diana, Maria, Jasmine, Sam, Leon, Ren, and Luigi. Stand on the green platform. The rest stand on orange platform." Johnny interuptted.

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