Prologue ~ ???Edit

24, that's all I need, they lead themselves to this, this is what they diserve. They turned their backs on me, they let this happen, No! They forced this to happen. From now on they'll all remember to never mess with me. I feel like this was fate, but something tells me that its not. Well now its too late and there is no turning back. This will forever be known as the Death Games, forced upon 24 as an act of revenge for what they did to me.

Chapter 1 ~ XrosHeartsEdit

I felt dizzy as I was waking up, I was in a dark room surrounded by 23 other people. I looked at all of them all sleeping and reconized none of them, except 1 but I've never seen him before in person only in pictures. He started waking up. "I, I know you" I said.

"Who are you?" he said.

"Allow me to do the introductions," we heard the mysterious voice from nowhere and everyone else woke up, "welcome to my games!"

"What games? Let us go!" a teenage girl said.

"The Death Games! This is revenge and of course I'll let you all go Emma or should I say Omgdeadpeople!" Spoke the mysterious voice.

"Emma? Who are you and why did you bring us here, we didn't do anything to you!" I yelled.

"Oh really XrosHearts, oh my bad you prefer to be called Johnny isn't that right?" the voice stated.

"Why are you doing this?" He said.

"Well Johnny was wrong and now you will all pay for what you all did!" the voice said.

"Listen I don't know you but I didn't do anything." said another guy.

"Who cares and now you won't leave for you are in the Death Games and no one leaves until only one remains! Mwa ha ha!" Said the voice and with that the platform we were standing was rising to the surface. "You all know the Hunger Games right? Well its basicaly the same thing good luck." The voice laughed. And at that moment I realized this person traped 24 of us here because we have something in common we're all from the wiki Camps and Fanfiction wiki, I don't know who or why this person is doing this but if its the way to save us all I'm willing to find out by any means nessesary.

Chapter 2 ~ BlaineleyRox222Edit

The countdown started 10, 9, I was worried 8, 7, were we really going to kill each other? 6, 5 if this really is happening I must team up to survive 4, 3, its starting 2, 1! It begins ran after Xros after I knew who he was, If I wanted to survive I would have to team up. For some reason 4 others were going after him, I ran as fast as I could to warn him but I was too late. I then noticed they weren't going to kill him, I soon catched up and it turns out they were going to head to build a campsite. "What are you guys doing?" I asked.

Xros stood and stated "We're not going to kill each other! This person who is targeting us for revenge is targeting 24 people from the Camps and Fanfiction Wiki from online. If we can last long enough and find out who is doing this and why we may just be able to free everyone from here."

"Are you crazy! We are going to die!" I cried.

"NO! I won't let that happen! I'll make who ever is doing this pay for it" Xros said.

"But if you do that you'll be as bad as him/her." Emma (aka Omgdeadpeople) said.

"We need to make a plan! Blaineley and Emma go find food and water the rest stay here and help me build camp." Xros said confidently though the experssion on his face said otherwise. Me and Emma were walking tring to find food picking all the mangos, strawberries and other fruits we knew to take back it was all silent. "Why do you look so sad?" Emma asked.

"What do you mean so sad?" I asked while I knew what she was talking about. I was scared that at any moment I would die but I tried to suck it up and not let the others know. "Oh nothing" Emma responded.

"We should probably head back we do have enough." I said trying to change the topic.

"Your probably right." Emma responded and we both headed back to the campsite to get ready for the trials we might have ahead of us.

Chapter 3Edit

Coming soon

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