The Lyoko warriors have left Kadic Acadamy but now upon the start of a new year a new set of students are arriving not knowing what lies ahead...





New Lyoko WarriorsEdit

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1) Name: Nathan Parker

Weapon: 2 Swords that can be stuck together to make a bigger sword

Abilities: Create anything out of the 4 elements, and control the 4 elements

Appearance: Wears a black hoddie, navy blue jeans, black and red headphones, 6'2 feet tall, snd has black hair

Lyoko Appearance: Has black hair, a red and yellow shirt with blue and green shirt

User: XrosHearts

2) Name: Jacob Parker

Weapon: Two Japanese fans *Like yumis but only blue

Abilities: Can generate an impenetrable sheild of blue energy and can fire lightning bolts at monsters but this ability is powerful so it takes alot out of him

Appearence: Bright orange hair, 6 feet tall, 13 years old, grey sweat paints and a black t-shirt with black sneakers

Lyoko appearence: Tight Black long pants and longsleeved black shirt with a hoody leaving only his face exposed


3) Name: Micheal

Weapon: 3 Katana's


Appearance: Wears a blue hoodie, brown pants, 7'8 feel tall and has brown hair

Lyoko Appearance: 3-Sword styled Swordsman-like Samurai

User: TDFan16

Episode 1 ~ Danger Once MoreEdit

The first day of a new school yea'r and everyone tries to find their rooms

Micheal: why hello there, who are you guys?

Jacob: Hi I am Jacob your room mate and guess what I found under the bed that belonged to some smart dude named Jeremy a book filled with notes I am great with computers but even I am having trouble decoding it.

Micheal: not sure if I can help you, but maybe I know someone who can. follow me.

Jacob:*folloiws* Okay but beware who you show this to.

Micheal: believe me I already know some of it, we just need to show him the book, and that person is Nathan Parker.

Nathan: Hi!

Micheal: ask him Jacob.

Jacob:>.> Here it is full of notes of a virtual world.

Micheal: what do you think Nathan?

Nathan: *reads a bit* Well, this doesn't sound like a normal video game from what I see ... we should check it out besides who wouldn't like adventure?

Jacob:I have already marked the co-ordinates. it leads to an old factory threw the sewer lines

Nathan: Let's go then, and I thought it would be boring at this school.

Jacob:*leads them to sewer hole behind oak tree and climbs down* C'mon

Nathan: *follows*

Jacob:*finds factory* Wow *sees super computer* hmm maybe *types stuff in and timer sets to 1 minute* up stairs now

Nathan: *reads book as fast as possible* and follows Jacob* Wait!

Jacob:*goes upstairs and hops into scanner* Cool scanning transfer virtualisation *disappears in a flash of light*

Micheal: *freaking out and grabs his Roommate* WHAT DID YOU DO TO NATHAN?!

Jacob: *dissapears in a flash of light while in the scanner*

Micheal: *heads to the scanner*

Nathan: Just follow! *goes in a scanner*

Micheal: Okay. *goes in a scanner* *seen in Lyoko form* whoa. *lands on the ground of the forest sector* *sees his form. Wow, neat 3-D Effects.


Nathan: Wow new wardrobe

Jacob:*takes out fans* c'mon *runs*

Micheal: got it. *runs with the other 2*

Jacob: Judging by my notes this is a virtual world that has monsters that are very powerful and an evil artificial intelligence

Nathan: Wow! Thank Captain Obvious!!!

2 cube-shaped creatures head towards the 3

Jacob: Are you seriouse I am afraid those things are extremely dangerous with three lasers and 4 weak points and *pulls out fans* Hostile

Nathan: Then wjhy are you afraid?

Micheal: Got it, *pulls out his 3 katana's* *at the blocks* "Santoryu, Three thousand whurl" *slices the two blox's behind* will you two move? we have to find the exit.

Jacob *Kills self and de virtualises* (from voice over) The compuiter can get you out if you want.

Micheal: Let's. *both Nathan and him kill each other*


Micheal: *gets out of scanner* That was awesome.

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