Main CharactersEdit


  • Nathan (Me) - Sabaku
  • Ryota (1337) - Shadow Paladin Revenger
  • Jyu (Jyu) - Narukami Vowing Thunder Break
  • George (George) - Link Joker


Primary CharactersEdit


  • Kuro (Kuro) - Link Joker

Chapter 1Edit

"Wake up!" A voices says, "You're going to be late for the admission test!" Nathan wakes up and looks at the time,"Oh no! Nathan gets dressed, grabs his deck, and runs out the door. Running towards his destination Nathan, crashes into a random guy who looks as if he is in a hurry. "Watch it!" He says.

"Sorry!" Nathan says as he continues running. Oh no! I'm gonna be late! thought Nathan. Nathan arrives at Cardfight High, the most prestige school dedicated to Cardfight!! Vanguard. Nathan barley arrives on time. "Welcome to Cardfight High. Do you have your admission papers?" The lady at the table asks. Nathan hands her his papers, "Are these it?" he asks.

"Yes." The lady says, "Please go through door number 2, and wait until they call you."

"Thanks." Nathan says and starts walking to the door. Inside there other applicants waiting for their turn. Nathan, unsure if he can make it in the school, took out his deck and looked at it. "Nathan." came out of the speakers. Nathan stands up and walks to through the door. Waiting for him was a table, an audience were waiting in stands, and across the room a man in uniform. "I thought we were up against other applicants, not the headmaster." Nathan says.

"I had to make an exception, when I heard someone had a legendary deck." the headmaster says.

"Legendary?" Nathan asks. The people in the stands look confused. "This deck?" Nathan asks.

"Yes, your deck." the headmaster says as he places a card face down, "Since I'm so nice I'll use a basic deck."

"Lets just start." Nathan says.

"Stand up, Vanguard!" Both Nathan and the headmaster says.

"Nova Star-vader, Actinium" the headmaster says.

"Dune Theif, Drahjar" Nathan says, "I draw and ride, Dune Sorcerer, Makil."

"So what now?" the headmaster says.

"When Dune Sorcerer, Makil is placed down, I get to bind a card from you hand until the end of your next turn." Nathan says pointing at one of the headmaster's cards, "I also move Dune Theif, Drahjar to the rear guard. Your turn."

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