Sticky SituationEdit

As an admin I'd first ask them to stop, if they keep going I shall kick both of them. When they settle down I'll ask them and witnesses for their side of the story. Remaining impartial, I'd then careully consider and put together the full story. I'd then go to other admins and tell them everything I know. Together we would come up with the appropriate punishment and tell the guilty party of it.

Challenge 1Edit

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel: Sierra and Cody

Father: B

Mother: Courtney

Witch: Heather

Henchman/Assistant: Alejandro

Hunter: Scott

In the land known as Dramalia there live in the edge of the forest a small family in a small house. But these times were troubling as the mad King Christopher Mclean The Second mad it impossible to live by forcing everyone to pay most of their fortune to help pay his beauty products. One day the small family ran out of food. "B! I can't believe we have no more food! Those annoying brats have only made our situation worse! I say we get rid of them!" Courtney says. But as B doesn't talk he tried shaking his head no, but it was no use. The children Sierra and Cody overheard the parents. "Oh no! What'll we do?" Cody asks Sierra.

"We can make a path for us with pepples." Sierra says.

"Thats a great idea!" Cody exclaims. Then both of them leave their home in search of pepples. The next day, Courtney and B go to the children. "Okay kids lets go on a little walk." Courtney says as she turns around and when she is no longer facing the children, she smirks evilly. The family keep going deeper into the forest, but the more they walk the more pepples Cody and Sierra leave marking their path. Courtney notices and keeps walking until the kids run out of pepple.

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