Shadow PaladinEdit

Phantom Blaster OverlordEdit

Grade 0 (17)Edit

  • Phantom Bringer Demon x1
  • Grim Reaper x3
  • Abyss Healer x4
  • Darkside Trumpeter x3
  • Abyss Freezer x3
  • Death Feather Eagle x3

Grade 1 (13)Edit

  • Blaster Javelin x3
  • Dark Shield, Mac Lir x3
  • Witch of Nostrum, Arianrhod x3
  • Nightmare Painter x2
  • Black Sage, Charon x2

Grade 2 (12)Edit

  • Cursed Lancer x3
  • Blaster Dark x3
  • Knight of Darkness, Rugos x3
  • Skull Witch, Nemain x3

Grade 3 (8)Edit

  • Phantom Blaster Overlord x4
  • Phantom Blaster Dragon x4

Royal PaladinEdit

Majesty Lord BlasterEdit

Grade 0 (5)Edit

  • Wingal Brave x1
  • Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine x4

Grade 1 ()Edit

Grade 2 ()Edit

Grade 3 (3)Edit

  • Majesty Lord Blaster x3

Dark IrregularsEdit

Blade Wing ReijyEdit

Grade 0 (17)Edit

  • Devil in Shadow x1
  • Dark Knight of Nightmareland x4 (Critical)
  • Cheshire Cat of Nightmareland x4 (Heal)
  • Hysteric Shirley x4 (Draw)
  • Dark Queen of Nightmareland x4 (Stand)

Grade 1 (10)Edit

  • Yellow Bolt x4
  • Rune Weaver x3
  • Courting Succubus x3

Grade 2 (12)Edit

  • Emblem Master x3
  • Dark Soul Conductor x4
  • Flirtatious Succubus x3
  • Decadent Succubus x2

Grade 3 (8)Edit

  • Blade Wing Reijy x3
  • Demon Chariot of the Witching Hour x2
  • Dark Lord of Abyss x3

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