United SanctuaryEdit

Shadow Paladin: Xros, Blaster

Gold Paladin: Scrappy, MLB

Oracle Think Tank: Zoro, Somnus

Genesis: Hikari

Angel Feather:

Royal Paladin: Cat

Dark ZoneEdit

Dark Irregulars: Mist

Pale Moon: Xoph

Spike Brothers:

Dragon EmpireEdit

Kagero: Writer

Narukami: Jyu, Sol


Tachikaze: Rage



Granblue: Xeamnz

Aqua Force: Yuki

Bermuda Triangle: Red


Great Nature:

Neo Nector:


Star GateEdit

Nova Grappler: MrCFVanguard

Dimension Police:

Link JokerEdit


Chapter 1 - The Call Of The HeroEdit

It was around 5 PM in a Card Shop, and everyone was standing around a certain table. "I breakride, Mordred Phantom!" I say, "Now Attack!" My opponent reaches the 6th damage. "Congratulations" he says.

"You won the shop tournament twice in a row!" My friend tells me.

"Come on Alex, its not that amazing." I say.

"Not amazing?" Alex exclaimed. I stood up and went to the counter. "The usual" I say. Then the clerk give me 16 packs. I grabbed them and exited the store with Alex. And we started walking home. "Ehh." I say.

"I still can't believe it!" Alex says.

"Its not tha big, I just wish there was a bigger challenge." I say.

"Well the qualifiers for the World Championships are coming next month. We can totally join that!" Alex says.

"World Chapmpionships." I say.

"Well we're here." Alex says, "See ya tomorrow!" Alex enters his house. And I walk over to the house next door and enter. I feel really tired so I go upstairs and get into bed. I close my eyes and start dreaming, I stand on planet Cray and all around me everything is being destoryed by Darkness. Everyone is running away. I feel terrified, and wake up.

What was with that dream I wonder, why did it seem so real. And why do I keep having these nightmares'.

I turn on my lamp and look over to get my deck. But as soon as I see it, it starts to glow. I started freaking out and trying to wake up from this dream, but then realize that I was already awake. Suddenly a voice started speaking, "We need your help, come to us our vanguard."

I was confused, but something told me that this was no prank, I stand up and walk over to grab my deck. As soon is I touch it a light flashed making it impossible to see anything for a few seconds.

I was now standing inside a big room, and standing around me were quite a few people, who were dresses as hat appeared to be Knights. I was puzzled but then reconized them.

"Welcome to the Shadow Paladin." Blaster Dark says.

Chapter 2 - Cray CrisisEdit

"I must be dreaming right? I mean you all are just cards." I panic.

"We're all real." Blaster Dark says.

"But I was just in my room. Where am I? Why am I here?" I ask.

"Follow us." Blaster Dark says. I follow him into another room in which Mordred is sitting in a seat. "Welcome." Mordred says.

"What's going on?" I ask him.

"You're on Planet Cray, in the Shaow Paladin territory of the United Sanctuary." Mordred responds, "It was us that call you here."

"But what for?" I ask.

"You see, have you heard of the void?" Mordred asks.

"Yes, kinda." I say.

"Well the void has attempted many times to take over Cray and then Earth. It tried sealing us, it attempted to make a clan to attack us. You know them as Link Joker, but after a war we liberated them from the void's control." Mordred explains, "Now the Void has a new force which threatens to destroy Cray, the Void's Generals."

"Generals" I ask.

"The Void's Generals are beings who the void has summoned to conqure the clans by taking control of them from the inside. But these Generals can't be faced in normal combat. Insteadthey may only be taken down in a Vanguard Fight." Mordred responds, "That is why we have called you, our Vanguard, to help us protect Cray. The other Clans have also sent Vanguards to help in this battle."

"Um, are you sure I can help?" I ask.

"You are our only hope. Now the closest General to here is one trying to gain control of the Jewel Knights of the Royal Paladin. Blaster Dark shall accompany you." Mordred says.

I exit the room. Its all too much! Cray is real. The void is attacking the Nations. Me and others are the only hope the clans have at winning. I keep walking and see the other Shadow Paladins. Then Blaster Dark is waiting for me. "To the Royal Paladin base" he says. Me and Blaster Dark start headng towards the Royal Paladin's Training Grounds. But before we reach there we'd have to enter Gold Paladin Territory.

Chapter 3 - The Golden VanguardEdit

Me and Blaster Dark were walking down a path. "Do you know anything about the other vanguards?" I ask.

"The one from Aqua Force is strong. The one from Nova Grappler is talented. The one from Genesis is very powerful as well." Blaster Dark reponds.

"What about the Vanguards of the other nations?" I ask.

"I don't know of the Dark Zone or Zoo, but I've heard of the amazingly strong ones from the Dragon Empire." Blaster Dark says.

"We're going into Gold territory right? What's the Gold Vanguard like?" I ask.

"Well the Gold Vanguard i-" Blaster Dark says.

"Is me" Another person interuptted. Standing behind him is Ezel.  "I'm Scrappy" He says.

"Well I'm Xros and I come from-" I say.

"Save it, from of the looks of him its obvious you come from the Shadow Paladin." Scrappy says. I try to hide my face with uncertainty written all over it. Me and Blaster Dark ignore Scrappy and continue walking but Ezel and him get in our way and prevent us from continuing along the path. "We won't let you pass unless you beat us." Scrappy declares.

"This is nonsense! Let us pass!" Blaster Dark demands. Niether Ezel nor Scrappy spoke a word, all Scrappy did was place a card facedown. I stepped forward and did the same. "STAND UP! VANGUARD!" We both say.

"Scarlet Lion Cub, Caria!"

"Frontline Revenger, Claudas!"

(Scrappy's Turn)

"Ride Knight of Passion, Tor, and move Caria back."

[Scrappy: Hand - 5; Damage - 0 | Xros: Hand - 5; Damage - 0]

(Empty) Caria (Empty)
(Empty) Tor (Empty)
(Empty) Claudas (Empty)
(Empty) (Empty) (Empty)

(Xros' Turn)

"Ride Dark Revenger, Mac Lir! Claudas moves back. And Mac Lir attacks!"

"No guard."

"Damage Check." I saw the card was a Draw Trigger. "I give the power to my vanguard and draw a card."

[Scrappy: Hand - 5; Damage - 1 | Xros: Hand - 6; Damage - 0]

(Empty) Caria (Empty)
(Empty) Tor (Empty)
(Empty) Mac Lir (Empty)
(Empty) Claudas (Empty)

(Scrappy's Turn)

"I ride Mage of Calamity, Tripp and call a Tor. Watch out cause I'm coming at ya! Tor attacks!"

"No Trigger"

"Tripp attacks boosted by Caria."

"No Guard."

"Critical Trigger! Effects to the vanguard."

"Draw Trigger. And no trigger."

[Scrappy: Hand - 5; Damage - 1 | Xros: Hand - 7; Damage - 3]

(Empty) Caria (Empty)
(Empty) Tripp Tor
(Empty) Mac Lir (Empty)
(Empty) Claudas (Empty)

(Xros' Turn)

"I call Transient Revenger, Masquerade and Barrier Troop Revenger, Dorint"

"Oh you're missing a grade 2?"

"Mac Lir attacks boosted by Claudas."

"No Guard."

"Nothing. Now Masquerade attacks boosted by Dorint!"

"Silent Punisher guard!"

[Scrappy: Hand - 4; Damage - 2 | Xros: Hand - 7; Damage - 3]

(Empty) Caria (Empty)
(Empty) Tripp Tor
(Empty) Mac Lir Masquerade
(Empty) Claudas Dorint

(Scrappy's Turn)

"I ride Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel!"

"I don't think I can win now."

"If you give up while fighting me how can you even com close to saving cray?"

Chapter 4 - Gold Vs. Shadows: A Battle of DeterminationEdit

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